Monday, May 3, 2010

Public Transportation and Community

Yesterday I, Elisa Beck, went to PennFuture's Conference on Creating a Climate for Justice. I knew there was a lot going on in Pittsburgh yesterday, the Pittsburgh Marathon, a Penguin's game, the University of Pittsburgh's graduation and of course the conference I attended at the August Wilson Center for African American Culture. I decided to take public transporation for part of the journey. I don't remember the last time I rode on a bus. I was motivated to take public transportation to go to this conference on climate change and social justice. After all, I wouldn't have to bother with my car, traffic and parking. And of course, I would be lowering my carbon footprint.

My husband was traveling from Monroeville into the city and dropped me off at the corner of Murray and Forbes so I could catch the 61 A,B, or C bus into town. I was running very early, so I waited in line with my umbrella in front of Pamela's. I met two very nice people while standing in line. This couple and I had a wonderful conversation over the course of the next hour, as I accepted their invitation to sit with them for brunch. They each ordered the breakfast special, so I did too. I realized it was like two meals for me, but ordered it anyway. Once I had finished eating the eggs and home fries, I needed a rest. I was determined not to leave a plate full of banana walnut hotcakes to go to waste. After all, Pamela's does not yet compost as far as I know, and I did not want to have to ask for, and use, a wasteful container to take the food with me and carry it on the bus. I realized with each moment how using public transportation can help to streamline one's existence.

Terri Taylor filmed the PennFuture Conference and it will be posted to this site just as soon as PennFuture makes it available. How interesting my traveling experience was yesterday!

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  1. It would be nice if public transportation from Monroevilee were a possibility.