The Story of Cosmetics

July 21, 2011

Check out this interesting You Tube video by Annie Leonard on The Story of Cosmetics!

September 14, 2010
Dear Elisa,
What an amazing summer!

The Story of Cosmetics has been viewed more than 350,000 times since it was released on July 21, tens of thousands of people have joined the movement to make personal care products safe and healthy for everyone, and Congress has received thousands of letters of support for the newly introduced Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010.

While we've really turned up the volume on this issue, we want even more people talking about these toxic products, watching the video and taking action to support meaningful policy change.

We're asking you to help in two ways:

1) share the video with your friends, and

2) host a viewing party this fall at your home, community center or office (think brown bag lunch). We put together a handy viewing party kit with tips to make hosting easy, from serving snacks (popcorn, anyone?) to sample discussion questions to DIY cosmetics recipes. And don't miss our myth-busting fact sheet.

While you have this motivated group of people in one room, why not plan a visit to your U.S. Representative's hometown office to tell him or her why the Safe Cosmetics Act is important to you? Congress is out on recess this fall, and office visits are empowering and easier than you might think!

Let us know how your party goes by posting photos on our Facebook page or writing us at

Together we're showing chemical manufacturers, companies and elected officials that we really mean it: we want truly safe cosmetics for everyone, ASAP!


Mia, Stacy, Lisa, Marisa, and all of us at the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

P.S. We've received an outpouring of support for the film - and the bill - from cancer survivors, salon workers, leaders among safe cosmetics companies, parents and concerned consumers. There's been some misinformation circulating, too, which is to be expected when big changes are afoot. So why did we make The Story of Cosmetics?
Host a viewing party for The Story of Cosmetics!
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