Saturday, May 30, 2015

June 1, 2015 at Sustainable Monroeville! Six PM Pot Luck and 7:00 PM Meeting at the Monroeville Public Library!

 The June meeting of Sustainable Monroeville on June 1, 2015 is in the downstairs program room of the Monroeville Public Library. At 6:00 PM we'll have a plant based, as locally sourced as possible, including your yard as a source of foraged food!!!, pot luck dinner followed by our meeting at 7:00 PM. Please pack in and out. Bring utensils, plates and cups!

Lois Drumheller who has spearheaded the Monroeville Food Garden along with several other amazing volunteers will give an overview of what's coming this season! 

Pamela Barroso who has been participating in Sustainable Monroeville since the group was founded in 2009 is spearheading the effort to document Monroeville as a Sustainable Community through the certification program of Sustainable Pittsburgh. Go to for more details about this program.

Pam's topic at the June 1, 2015 meeting of Sustainable Monroeville will focus on Local and Regional Cooperation. Questions to be addressed for Local and Regional Cooperation are below: 

Inline image 1 
The numbers on the right hand side of the statements are the maximum number of points that can be acquired for these items on the questionnaire that is being filled out. I am looking forward to the meeting to learn a lot, as I have not a clue what the Council of Governments is, nor how our municipality might work with the ICA's mentioned above!!

What is this Sustainable Community certification process all about and why is it important for the Municipality of Monroeville to participate in this program of Sustainable Pittsburgh? 

In my view this questionnaire is getting the conversation started community wide about the meaning of the word sustainability and is key to facilitate documentation of what is already sustainable about our amazing community! As  the conversation continues, community members, educators, school children, businesses, and politicians have questions we work on answering. We are all working together to manifest a more and more sustainably oriented community as we move along into the middle of the 21st century!

Looking forward to seeing you in June! 
All meetings of Sustainable Monroeville are free and open to the public.

Thanks so much to all of our volunteers, and Happy late Springtime!

Elisa :)

Elisa Beck, Founder
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