Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sustainability Needs Assessment for Monroeville, PA

Three students from Carnegie Mellon University are currently doing a Sustainability Needs Assessment for Monroeville, PA. These students are in the Sustainable Communities course this semester, Spring, 2010, taught by Professor Matthew Mehalik. Two of the students and 10 Sustainable Monroeville members attended a council study session 0n February 4, 2010, when Professor Mehalik presented to Monroeville council about this wonderful program. The meeting is availabe for viewing at the Monroeville public library.

One of the students, Ian Newborn, attended the March 1, 2010, Sustainable Monroeville monthly meeting and asked that any ideas to work towards a sustainable future for Monroeville be shared! We are looking for ideas and suggestions relating to Economics, the Environment, and Social Justice, the triple bottome line. We are working towards a green future for Monroeville and are looking for any and all input!

We welcome ideas from residents, businesses, religious institutions, business owners, government officials and employees, and others that live, work and play in Monroeville or in the surrounding suburbs in and around Pittsburgh, PA. E-mail to or put a post on this blog with your comments, suggestions and ideas! We welcome input from residents, business owners, religious institutions, politicians and anyone and everyone in and around Monroeville and the Pittsburgh region.

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