Thursday, August 20, 2009

LEED in Monroeville

John Silvestri is on the board of The Cedars, a local assisted living and skilled nursing facility in Monroeville. John spoke previously at our July meeting about his experiences with the current "green" addition that is being built right now. The plan is to construct the first LEED building in Monroeville, and it is scheduled to be completed before the UPMC structure.

This could develop into something wonderful for the entire Municipality of Monroeville. John is incredibly engaged with the project and pushing the limits of what what initially proposed. It is all fabulous! I'm not sure if John is aware of how much stormwater management is on the minds of the municipal officials at this moment; however, in cooperation with Sustainable Monroeville, we will be able to educate council and the community about sustainable building practices.

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