Monday, July 6, 2009

Welcome and Connect

Welcome to the blog of Sustainable Monroeville. This blog will provide information about future meetings and projects including articles, links, stories and pictures. The first Sustainable Monroeville meeting was on July 6th.

Although the group just started earlier this year, a lot of the people are really involved in various projects. Elisa Beck moderated the discussions, and several people spoke on different topics. Carrie Gallagher talked about beekeeping and how regular people can keep hives in their yards. We hope more people will try it in the future, since the bee population is declining at an alarming rate, and we'll all starve if we lose our pollinators. John Silvestri talked about the new LEED certified building at The Cedars, an assisted living community. He also spoke about white roofs and LED lights (which can last 23 years and use a fraction of the electricity of fluorescent bulbs). Other topics included soil tests and rain barrels.

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